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                Cancellations -Refunds and Reschedules 

                                                                          CANCELLATION POLICY                                              


                                                                                   1. GENERAL


SONUS AURIS LTD is committed to provide exceptional service in a timely manner. Unfortunately, when a customer cancels without giving enough notice (24 hours prior scheduled appointment) , it prevents another customer from being served. No shows and late cancellation have an impact on service quality on customers who may show up earlier. For these reasons, SONUS AURIS LTD has implemented a cancellation policy that will be strictly observed.


                                                                                2. FULL PAYMENT

Your registration is complete when we receive your full payment. Payments can be online or in person. We do not reserve appointment without payment.
An online confirmation email will be sent to you at the time of registration and payment. This email serves as confirmation of your appointment registration.


                                                                        3. CANCELLATION REQUEST

All cancellations and reschedules requests have to be made 24 hours prior your appointment.                                                Cancellation requests may be submitted by phone, email, online (by filling "contact us" form) or in person. Please note that refunds will be processed in the original form of payment. If you have any questions or concerns about our cancellation policy, please contact us at, email or phone.


                                                                                   4. REFUND POLICY

Refund will be processed automatically after receiving cancellation request. 
No refunds or transfers will be issued on the day or after the scheduled appointment date.
Time of processing the refund is 3 working days ( MONDAY-FRIDAY excluding Bank Holidays) then depending of your bank processing times.

                                                                  Refund funds will be released as follows:                                                                 



24 hours before the appointment 50% off the original price.                                              

( ex. £30-50%=£15,you will receive £15 back)

Less, than 24 hours prior the appointment, or no show-up, no refund will be issued.


24 hours before the appointment, FREE.

Less than 24 hours prior your appointment, 25% off the original price.                                                                                  (ex. £30-25%=£22.50, you will receive back £22.50)                                             

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