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Microsuction Wax Removal

The procedure is quick, safe and pain free which gently removes the wax from the ear. The clinician  uses a very fine sterile suction device at safe low pressure to remove the wax build up.
Each examination can be digitised, stored and shared with experts in ear care if a second opinion is required.
One ear -£50
Both ears - £90
Microsuction Wax Removal procedure.png
Hearing Check

A hearing screening is a quick test which takes 10 minutes using headphones and is patient and user friendly. By  the end of the test a result  will show on a graph how  a person can hear the softest sounds at different pitches or frequencies.  If a hearing loss is detected advice is offered. 
Hearing Check - £15
Hearing Sreening.png
Ear examination and advice

A light beam shines through the otoscope into the ear canal. The clinician will carefully move the scope in different directions to see the inside of the ear and eardrum. Sometimes, this view may be blocked by earwax. An ear specialist will use Tympa System to provide high-definition digital ear examination.
Ear Examination And Advice - £30
HD Digital Otoscopy.png
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